It Takes a Village

The title of this post is rooted in African culture; the proverb expresses that it takes a whole village or community to raise a child. In my experience, this proverb can be stretched a bit to perfectly fit the equestrian community.

It takes a city to train a horse.  And it takes a small country to teach a clueless human to ride. Hint: That horse is mine and that clueless rider is yours truly.

I cannot name every horse that has taught me how to ride + everything else good about life. It would also be impossible to name each person who has helped Kelso and I get to the point where we look like we know what we are doing. {I do thank people who have had huge roles in my journey on my Blessed page.}

Recently, my little web of support gained another big thread. Kelso and I are humbled and thrilled to announce that we have received a sponsorship from The Dressage Pony Store. Thanks to Valerie and her belief in the little Wonder Pony that could, we are able to show off our new moves at a show coming up at the end of July.

I am honored to wear the logo of a woman who believes in Pony Power as much as I do. {I knew it was a match made in heaven when she said that in an email thread.} The Dressage Pony Store specializes in high-quality tack for the smaller equine athlete, but you can find some goodies for any sized equine in your life!

The other day I got my first package from The Dressage Pony Store; I sat at my kitchen table and before I opened it, I made myself stop and think. I thought of myself when I was a little girl who would grin opening a new Breyer {hasn’t changed}, to when I got my very own pony {He is the only reason I am where I am}, to the position I stand in now. And then I cried. Good tears, don’t worry.

I am often overwhelmed with the love the WP and I get, and the support that comes with it. I am at a loss for how I made it where I am, but I am so thankful for all that have been along for the ride.

And, as always, thanks to the Wonder Pony for carrying me farther than I could have dreamed and for teaching me all I know. You make me look good, live better, laugh louder, and love bigger.

Off to go wonder how I am now considered a professional,

Erin and the WP







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